Split-cedar fencing is the perfect look for country-style properties and urban houses alike. We offer untreated Western Red Cedar rails in lengths of 8′, 10′ and 12′ (but we can custom-make any lengths between 4′ and 12′). The rails are typically five to six inches in width and five to six inches in height in a pie shape (again, if there are specific requests we can work with you to achieve this). We also offer split-cedar posts, with the most popular lengths 6′ and 7′. The posts have a little more girth to ensure the fence’s stability. For those who prefer a treated rail or post, we supply CCA (green) treated product as well. Generally there are two main types of fencing: fencing in a straight line (which requires either two posts and the rails sandwiched in between, or one post and a thinner rail nailed onto it) or a zig-zag fence (the rails intersect each other on an angle, and there are no posts).
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